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godly2 1/30/2007 - 2:30:30
If you would like us to pray for you let us know *

ukqueen 30.12.09 - 12:43am
Pray 4 me, am worried. Tell God 2 grant my request by january 1st 2010. In Jesus name. Amen *

godly2 30.12.09 - 02:02pm
Heavenly Father we ask that this need be filled so that your child may be better able to serve thee. We believe and recieve your promise that whatever we ask in your name shall be granted. We give thee all the praise and glory. In Jesus name amen *

zawadi2 7.10.10 - 02:59pm
I'm saved and need to get married to somebody saved, please pray for me to get a brother in christ. *

snegugus 1.09.11 - 02:15pm
Pls pray 4 me i want i a saved brother as im born again.Sumone whom wil luv & respect eachother 4 ever *

zirhk 17.06.13 - 10:48am
pray.GIF plz pray for my mom she need jesus.... thanks.. also for me more patient for waiting on him :) *

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