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Subject: Poems
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godly2 2/5/2007 - 9:49:57
Inspirational poetry *

godly2 2/5/2007 - 10:05:49
These are the gifts I ask of thee-These are the gifts I ask of thee, Spirit serene: Strength for the daily task. Courage to face the road, Good cheer to help me bear the traveler's load, And, for the hours of rest that come between, An inward joy in all things heard and seen...These are the sins I fain Would have thee take away: Malice and cold disdain, Hot anger, sullen hate, Scorn of the lowly, envy of the great, And discontent that casts a shadow grey On all the brightness of the common day...Henry van *

godly2 2/14/2007 - 3:39:45
The Greater Thing-Great it is to believe the dream. When we stand in youth by the starry stream; But a greater thing is to fight life through And say at the end, 'The dream was true?_Edwin Markham *

godly2 4/26/2007 - 3:59:48
'Are You Ready? 'Ready feet to do Thy will,Ready hands to serve Thee still, Ready mind Thy voice to hear, Ready drooping hearts to cheer, Ready every foe to face, Ready still to shew Thy grace; Ready every need to meet, Ready to wash erring feet. Ready still to watch and pray, Ready all the livelong day. Ready if to lose or gain, Ready if 'tis joy or pain, Ready when the Savior's near, Ready when dark clouds appear; Ready when the storm is high, Ready through a cloudless sky; Ready, Lord, to meet with Thee, Ready for eternity. ~WB~ *

godly2 4/26/2007 - 4:05:23
Time, With An Unwearied Hand Time, with an unwearied hand, Pushes round the seasons past, And in life’s frail glass, the sand Sinks apace, not long to last: Many, well as you or I, Who last year assembled thus; In their silent graves now lie, Graves will open soon for us! Daily sin, and care, and strife, While the Lord prolongs our breath, Make it but a dying life, Or a kind of living death: Wretched they, and most forlorn, Who no better portion know; Better ne’er to have been born, Than to have our all below. When constrained to go alone, Leaving all you love behind; Entering on a world unknown, What will then support your mind? When the Lord His summons sends, Earthly comforts lose their power; Honors, riches, kindred, friends, Cannot cheer a dying hour. Happy souls who fear the Lord Time is not too swift for you; When your Savior gives the word, Glad you’ll bid the world adieu: Then He’ll wipe away your tears, Near Himself appoint your place; Swifter fly, ye rolling years, Lord, we long to see Thy face.~By John Newton.~ *

godly2 4/26/2007 - 4:08:58
'THE BRIDGE OF THE CROSS 'Man fain would build a bridge to God Across the fathomless abyss That lies between his earth-bound soul And heaven's perfect bliss. He takes his knowledge, small and vague, The great inventions he has wrought, His mightiest efforts, finest plans, And his profoundest thought: He binds them with his strands of straw, His strings of tow, his ropes of sand, With all the power and the skill Of cunning brain and hand. Through swirling mists he strains his eye, Above the unseen torrent's roar He pushes forth the makeshift thing And hopes to touch the s . But when he seeks to cross the chasm With eager heart and step elate, He finds his bridge too short to reach, Too frail to bear his weight. Oh, baseless dream! Oh, useless toil! Oh, utter and eternal loss! For God has laid, to span the void, His Son upon the cross. And when man's broken bridges fall, And sink into the gulf at last, Still wide and long and safe and strong, The bridge of God stands fast. ~ By Annie Johnson Flint~ *

godly2 4/26/2007 - 4:13:00
'Christ Our Life'To live of Thee - blest source of deepest joy! To hear e’en now by faith Thy voice of love – Thou living spring of bliss without alloy, Bright inlet to the light of heaven above!Come, fill my soul! Thy light is ever pure, And brings from heaven what Thou alone canst give, Yea, brings Thyself, the revelation sure Of heaven's eternal bliss; in Thee we live.Thou'st made the Father known; Him have we seen In Thy blest Person – infinite delight! Yes, it suffices; though we here but glean Some foretaste of His love, till all be light.O, dwell with me; let no distracting thought Intrude to hide from me that heavenly light. Be Thou my strength! Let not what Thou hast brought Be chased by idle nature's poor delight.Father, Thou lovest me. Favour, all divine, Rests upon my soul, a cloudless favour! There Thy face shines on me, as it still doth shine On Thy blest Son! His image I shall bear!But now, e'en now, Thy love can fill my soul – That love that soars beyond all creature thought – In spirit bring where endless praises roll, And fill my longing heart till there I'm brought.~By John Nelson Darby *

samtohop 28.12.07 - 10:50am
Oh brother! This is inspiratnal. Wat a futility is man & his strugling witout God's purpose in mind *

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