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Subject: Faith
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edwardmw 26.04.08 - 05:33pm
Faith comes from hearing the word of God.the true word of God gives the true faith *

godly2 30.04.08 - 03:51pm
Believers are not those who merely have faith in Jesus Christ. Rather believers are those who have faith in Jesus Christ as he is revealed in the full message of the Gospel. 1 Cor.15:1-4. Their faith in Christ is always bound to God's Word and the doctrine of the apostles. Rom.6:17; 1 Cor.11:2,23; 15:1,3; Gal.1:12. For this reason believers can be described as people who submit to the Christ of the Bible as their Lord and Savior and who live under the Word of God. They submit without reservation to its authority, hold firmly to its teaching, trust its promises, heed its warnings, and follow its commands. They are people captive to the Word of God, using the Scriptures to test all human ideas and accepting nothing that is contrary to the Bible *

edwardmw 10.05.08 - 12:55am
Our faith is in God.we believe in the word of God and,as a matter of fact,we live by it.we believe in what the Lord says and not in what he has not said.we don't have faith in faith but,faith in does not allow us to create as,there is only one is not does not only help us to recieve God's blessing but also and,aspecially to endure in times of trials,persecution and difficulties.Abraham,Job,Daniel,the apostles and all the early christians were counted men of faith because they kept believing in God inspite of trials,persecutions and hardships and counted all these things as a token of their faith.a christian who believe only when things are okey is not a strong christian,when trials and persecutions comes,he falls away just like the parable sower sowing the is not cir tancial.we believe always in the the word of God.the question is,are we ready to accept even to lose our own life because of the faith if we have to?let's ask God to help us keeping the faith *

mummy3 7.07.12 - 08:21am
no matter what we go through if we have faith we can be overcome anything trust the Lord he will never leave you nor forsake you Lord will be with you right till the very end,JESUS Loves you *

edwardmw 7.07.12 - 09:03pm
time is coming,and is already come when people christians will realise they need faith,maybe that the kind of faith they need is different from the kind of faith they always had.the faith that won't take you out of persecutions,but help you stand for the truth no matter the persecution and even to death.christ said that when he will come,will he find faith on the earth?what is faith then? *

zirhk 17.06.13 - 10:50am
nod.GIF i totally agreed :) *

edwardmw 28.06.13 - 10:22pm
our faith in jesus is the most important thing.when everything will be gone,we know we shall see our Lord.fight the good fight.keep the faith *

edwardmw 31.01.14 - 10:14pm
many folks out there think that our in Jesus is ridiculous.But Jesus comes,they will regret for having not believed. *

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